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What’s Your Favorite Building in San Francisco?

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Decide the coolest of them all

Welcome to Open Thread Fridays, where we ask you to tell us something about San Francisco real estate, structures, housing, and more. Have something you want discussed? Let us know.

Last month we asked you to name the ugliest building in San Francisco. Everything from the Intercontinental Hotel to the “windowless AT&T bunker” at 611 Folsom made the list, but most of you agreed “Darth Vader” was the clear winner. (Many of you were split when it came to the Federal Building, by Morphosis Architects, which we will now officially consider a genius, polarizing gem. ) Now we want to hear your softer side.

Tell us, which building in the city gives you the shivers in a good way? Which one do you go out of your way to see during your morning commute? Which building is your favorite, and why?

There are many from which to choose. Is it the Hobart Building?

Find your light, Hobart

A photo posted by Brock Keeling (@brockkeeling) on

What about the Pacific Union Club?

Pacific-Union Club - rather scary brownstone across the street from our hotel. #pacificunionclub

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Legion of Honor is pretty sweet.

A photo posted by Lyndel Thomas (@ryndel) on

DeYoung, anyone?

And don’t forget about your Curbed SF editor’s personal favorite, 675 California. There’s also the Frank Lloyd Wright at 140 Maiden Lane, the Heineman Building, 2500 Steiner, and more.

And those are only a handful of the more famous ones; we’re certain that you can come up with a bunch of underrated gems in San Francisco.

The rules: It doesn’t matter what the building is, as long as it’s within San Francisco, it’s a building. (But that does mean that monuments—like the Golden Gate Bridge or Cupid’s Span—are out.) And please, show your work, and put a photo of your favorite building in the comments.