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Unusual Corona Heights condo asks $1.14 million

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1981 throwback was doing antiseptic chic and open-floor plan before it was cool

Now here’s something you don’t see every day.

For the most part, the two-bed, one-bath condo at 236 States, right next to Corona Heights Park, fits the mold of what one would expect from a San Francisco condo circa 1981—open floor plan, mostly white interiors, narrow wraparound patio,plus a wood fireplace to recall a touch of latter day rustic charm.

There’s a shopping list of fancy-sounding materials and name brands attached to the fixtures, too: Silestone quartz counters, Bellmont cabinets, GROHE fauces, and even a rain shower.

The unit’s own site lists neither price nor square footage, but city records tell us it’s a little over 920 square feet, and both Zillow and Redfin list an asking price of $1.14 million. That shakes out to about $1,244/foot. Again, more or less to be expected these days.

It’s only when you start looking closely at the photos and the video that you get the feeling you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Take the circular windows: It’s a tossup whether they’ll put you more in mind of a submarine or the escape pod from the beginning of Star Wars.

All of the windows are delightful oddities, especially in these current home-decor conforming times. Rather than making them the size of the entire wall, as we’re used to seeing as of late, most have been shrunk to the size of a tablet or a fish tank. Also of note is the living room's skylight, fanned with wooden beams, but then squeezed into a corner.

There’s even a portal window in the shower. Yes, a fully transparent window opening directly into one of the showers. Not into the bathroom wall next to the shower, or even facing the shower, but straight into the shower stall itself.

Mind you, it only looks out into a garden corner of the property that’s mostly inaccessible. And yet, it can’t be completely inaccessible, because the stagers managed to put a toy dinosaur out there.

The staging has taken on itself to embrace this condo’s oddball sensibilities with the likes of toy dinosaurs, stuffed animals in the kitchen, plastic furniture, and primary colors that make some of the furnishings look like rendered objects from a first-generation Pixar movie.

None of this is necessarily bad, mind you. Indeed, the longer we look at it, the more we’re enamored with this home's '80s pop by way of the Jetsons vibe. Unexpected, to say the least.

236 States Street last sold in 2012 for $600,000. Open houses are set for Saturday and Sunday, if you’re curious.

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That’s either the fireplace or a Droid at the right, we’re not sure which.

236 States

236 States St, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA