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Pokémon and Pizza Party Tonight at Mozilla Office

Non-stop lures droppin’ during the poppin’, too, folks

For Pokémon Go players seeking something a touch quieter and tad more casual, head over to Mozilla’s headquarters tonight along the Embarcadero for a Pokémon and Pizza fete. Not only will the open-source company drop non-stop lures from 4:30 p.m.-6 p.m., but they will also dole out free pizza to participating players.

Idea for hardcore players, really. Because, seriously, did you see last night’s PokéCrawl? It started off big. Dauntingly massive, in fact. Check out this footage from yesterday's crawl.


This evening's player party will reportedly be a much calmer, gentler affair, featuring rad poké-pizza art by Ry-Spirit.

Action starts at 4:30. Meet up in the courtyard between Second Street and Harrison next to Palomino Restaurant. Better yet, RSVP here.