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Price of LEED Platinum House on Russian Hill Tumbles $1.75 Million

That’s a lot of platinum

The house at 1209 Filbert Street is four stories, four bedrooms, five and a half baths, over 5,600 square feet, and sits right in the middle of choice Russian Hill, two blocks from the Lombard Street curves.

It even carries a LEED Platinum designation for the likes of its rainwater harvest tank, drip irrigation, solar system, and Forest Stewardship Council approved wood. The only way this place would be more primed for top dollar is if it was made of real platinum.

But despite all that, it looks like $11.25 million was simply too ambitious of an asking price. The circa 2011 house by developer Troon Pacific went on the market for that remarkable sum in May, but yesterday knocked off $1.75 million.

The new $9.5 million asking is probably much closer to what you’d expect, relative to its previous (and only) sale of $7 million five years ago. The price of actual platinum also dipped yesterday, but we won’t read too much into that.

Did they just fly too close to the sun with that first figure? Well, super high-end buyers reserve the right to be fickle, and no two houses are alike, so it’s usually not smart to try to draw big conclusions from just one home.

But the other four active listings in the city at roughly the same price point consist of two entire apartment buildings in Pacific Heights and Russian Hill, one registered landmark mansion from 1853 (one of the most famously hard to sell homes in the entire city, nearly two years on now), and a 1915 George Applegarth house in Presidio Heights.

So, no highly contemporary, ultra-green spec houses, is what we’re saying. From this tiny sample, we might tentatively suppose that although San Francisco probably wants a house like 1209 Filbert, it probably doesn’t want it for eight figures.

Still, we’re sure it won’t sit around forever. There’s an open house on Sunday, for the curious.