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Bonkers, Contemporary Mill Valley Home Asks $2.15 Million

2012 structure plays nicely with environmental surroundings

This William Cullen-designed hillside Mill Valley home at 239 1/2 Cleveland Avenue is geared toward a specific taste—a very Marin aesthetic. Not only is it contemporary (completed in 2012), but it has decidedly non-classic accents throughout that are meant to be congruous with the landscape.

Comprising three floors, the entrance is on the top floor; second lower level features the kitchen, family room, and dining patio; third floor is where you will find the bedrooms; and finally it also has a bonus room, which could double as a TV/guest room and a roof-top garden.

It also has a see-through elevator shaft ramrod through the building. Could be considered cool for those who are impressed by such things.

In total, three bedrooms, three baths, and 3,080 square feet. As noted in the home’s listing, it is an "environmentally-friendly home" that "evokes a harmonious zen quality." Which is to say, this is a very Mill Valley house. Stunning.

Asking $2,150,000.