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Upper Haight Victorian Flat Stays Colorful, Lands on Market at $945,000

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Out of the blue

Color, seemingly rare to find these days splashed across interiors, comes out in full force inside this first-floor Edwardian flat near the panhandle. So much blue. So fitting. So refreshing.

This two bedroom, one and a half bath, 1,078-square-foot pad at 255 Central features intact period details—wainscoting, crown moldings, valor fireplace, cast iron accents, stained glass windows and—yes—a high-tank pull-chain toilet.

The large formal dining room, replete with coffered ceilings, is also a standout.

And while it’s near the tourist trap on Haight, it’s also near(ish) to Cole Valley.

HOAs are $486; asking is $945,000.