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Inner Mission Top-Floor Flat Impresses with Natural Lighting Scheme, Asks $949,000

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Offset skylights and a rooftop greenhouse help set this ultra-sleek renovation apart

Conformity is the norm of the Mission District 2016. From cocktails and entrees to street style and conversation, it is almost aggressively one-note in its grasp at whimsy. Save for places that have managed to elude gentrification’s wrath, the neighborhood is the city’s go-to place for the tried and true.

And the area’s newfangled real estate has not escaped this aesthetic. But this updated Victorian at 534 Shotwell, with a melange of offset skylights, manages to almost set itself apart from the others.

At the very least, it’s a start.

Coming in at two bedroom, one and a half bath, and approximately 1,100 square feet, this top-floor condo inside a four-unit Victorian was fully renovated in 2014. While it appears to be similar to other renovations you might find in the area, the legion of skylights in the living/family room provide a lovely and comparatively original affect.

A few other bonuses are the exclusive use of the rooftop deck, with hot tub, outdoor shower, and greenhouse.

HOAs come in at $225. Asking id $949,000.