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What Are Your Favorite SF Cultural Institutions That Have Closed In the Last 10 Years?

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What are your favorite cultural spots that have closed down within the last ten years? (Hint: Look for further than Valencia Street should you need inspiration.) Bars and restaurants are, of course, appreciated but look beyond the eateries and watering holes. Theaters, stores, structures, galleries, buildings, et cetera.

Hardly ones to bemoan the future and the creation of new things—look no further than Curbed SF’s adoration of all things Saitowitz for proof—we do have tender spot when it comes to a smattering of former cultural institutions of San Francisco. The 26 Valencia route. Capp’s Corner. Halloween in the Castro. The Lexington. And more.

The city has (irrevocably) changed over the last decade, which, for many, is a good thing. There is so much to cheer about with the new SF. But so much of San Francisco’s former identity—i.e., its unofficial status as asylum city for freaks—has eroded due in part to the vanishing of some beloved spots.

Tell us about the ones you miss the most.