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High & Low: San Francisco's Most and Least Expensive Home Sales This Week

A mystery house nets $5 million, while a Diamond Heights gem commands $500,000

Friday means it’s time for the High & the Low, a Curbed SF column chronicling the most and least expensive homes sold in San Francisco in the last seven days. So who scored what this week, and for how much (or little) did they get it?

The most expensive sale this week was, of course, the $15 million-plus receipt of the historic and long-suffering Versailles-style mansion at 3800 Washington Street. And the second most expensive was an almost equally storied and harried property: The black and white 1962 Esherick house on Scott Street, which finally roped a buyer for $10 million.

And the third place sale? Well, we can’t tell you were that is. It’s still something of a secret. The ads never actually disclosed the $5.8 million Marina property’s address. Maybe an air of mystery added to the marketability.

Wherever it is, this four bed, four bath house apparently dates to 1929, but the style of the interiors and staging suggests more midcentury kitsch than jazz age eclecticism. The price is a few hundred thousand over the original list back in May, and $1.3 million more than the mystery house’s last sale in 2012.

This week’s least expensive home managed a handy $510,000 for a small but sharp studio up in Diamond Heights. 95 Red Rock Way is only 650 feet but looks a bit classier and more inviting than some of the other tiny units that rack up half million dollar sales these days.

This is actually a slight ($5,000) markdown from the original list price, offered all the way back in April. The last time this little unit sold was for $375,000 in 2009, a loss of $100,000 a the time. (It was 2009, after all.)