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Pokémon Go Hack: Ride the Bus

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AKA, the lazy-person’s guide to playing Pokémon Go

While Pokémon Go has helped people get up, get out, and get a better sense of the city in which they live, a few people have noticed that one great way to hit architectural spots and catch more Pokémon is by jumping on public transit.

While taking the 12 Folsom to and from work, your Curbed SF editor noticed how, with much ease, we were able to accrue items faster without having to cross a street. Too often we find it necessary to walk all the way across a street to pick spin an architectural medallion. So tiring.

Buses we find the 38 Geary and T-Third Street to be the most fruitful. Both are long routes that cover almost the entire X or Y axis of the city. What’s more, the T veers close to the waterline a few times, making it easy to toss balls at those maritime Pokémons.

That said, gym battles are best won while on foot.

Oh, and be sure to use this map to help you find some this weekend. But before you head out to play, check out this very important Pokémons playing dos and don’ts.