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Filbert Street Steps Home Lands on Market for $1.9 Million

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Please do not gut and renovated this spectacular circa 1880s house

Following Curbed SF’s earlier plea with this Upper Haight Queen Anne, here's a downright stunning home on the equally wondrous Filbert Street steps that demands a similar stay of antiseptic execution.

According to the home’s realtor, Jose Barba, the same owner has had it since 1960. "She’s 78 years old and now wants a better life, so she’s decided to sell it," says Barba.

And what a home it is. High on Telegraph Hill, it has the distinct honor of being one of few homes right on the famous Filbert Street Steps.

Built in the late 1880, the interiors still maintain remnants of its past—gas lamps, wall paper, cast iron fireplaces (several of them, in fact), wood accents, and more.

The home decor (maximalist, if you will) is a lovely mishmash from the last few decades. And such rooms as the office and bathrooms are exquisite albeit ripe for a gentle refresh.

That said, we hope the future buyer doesn’t plan on gutting and renovating this esteemed, historically-rich home. Update and touch up? For sure. Open-floor plan and antiseptic facelift? Don’t you dare.

228 Filbert comes with three bedrooms, three baths, and 1,512 square feet. It also comes with a separate in-law unit. Asking is $1,995,000.

Word to the wise: Living in such a treasured spot has its price, asking aside—specifically, all of those steps. But what you’ll lack in car-to-door ease you’ll more than make up for in shapely calves.