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Where San Francisco's Last 8,859 Evictions Happened, Ranked By Neighborhood

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Stanford grad student compiles five years of data

An aspiring data journalist grad student at Stanford compiled info on all 8,859 eviction notices served in San Francisco since 2011. This presumably cheerful chore by Saurabh Datar, writing for Stanford’s Peninsula Press, netted a mother lode of info.

Some of the info is unsurprising: The neighborhoods with the most evictions are the Mission, Sunset, SOMA, and Tenderloin. Those with the least are Seacliff, Mission Bay, Japantown, and Glen Park, where relatively few people live in the first place.

Eviction rates have gone up every year. Of course, the population has been going up, so that’s to be expected. But a 60 percent hike in five years is a bit outside the curve. Last year, 97 people were served breach of lease evictions in the Tenderloin. Five years ago, that number was 12.

Did TL residents really get eight times as sloppy? Or are landlords pouncing on any pretext to move their old, poor tenants out? The numbers alone don’t say (technically).

SOMA is the only neighborhood where redevelopment is the top eviction cause, accounting for 43 percent of oustings. Ellis Act evictions are most common in the Mission, where the act was behind nearly 20 percent of notices served. Owner move-in is the top cause in the Sunset, popping up 27 percent of the time.

Also of note: The tiny Lakeshore District is an eviction hotspot. Almost all of the 475 notices were served in Parkmerced, and 451 of those cited breach of lease. There 199 in 2011 alone.

You can find all the granular details here. In the meantime, we’ve ranked every San Francisco neighborhood by volume of evictions:


Mission: 908 (175 Ellis Act)

Sunset: 572 (157 owner move-ins)

SOMA: 539 (232 developments)

Tenderloin: 497 (202 nuisance complaints)

Outer Richmond: 458

Lakeshore: 475

Nob Hill: 356

Castro: 336

Excelsior: 294

Hayes Valley: 297

Marina: 293

Bernal Heights: 244

Pacific Heights: 242

Bayview: 260

Russian Hill: 257

North Beach: 235

Haight: 222

Noe Valley: 214

Inner Sunset: 208

Inner Richmond: 200

Lone Mountain: 181

West of Twin Peaks: 173

Ingleside: 171

Western Addition: 167

Outer Mission: 154

Potrero Hill: 136

Chinatown: 125

Portola: 109

Visitacion Valley: 99

Twin Peaks: 73

Presidio Heights: 68

Financial District/South Beach: 55

Glen Park: 35 (12 owner move-ins)

Japantown: 18 (seven lease breaches)

Mission Bay: 11 (five nuisance complaints)

Seacliff: 11 (three owner move-ins)