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Under 700K Club: TIC Inside Glen Park’s Historic Poole-Bell Mansion Asks $599,000

Recent condo conversion inside 1873 home up in Fairmont Heights dazzles with history

Time again for the Under $700K Club, the inflation-adjusted version of our old Under $500K club. Here we showcase the few and the proud San Francisco homes that, even in this this time of seven-figure median home prices, have the courage to sell at a mere $700,000 or less (or at least open that low).

A one-bedroom, one-bath condo inside the historical Poole-Belle Mansion at 192 Laidley landed on the market today.

The recent condo-conversion inside the 1873 house comes with hardwood floor, oversized tub, and attached deck. It also features period details like crown molding, an ornamental fireplace, and oversized windows with city views.

Technically located on the hill of Fairmont Heights, FoundSF has a tiny bit of history on the Poole-Belle:

Poole-Bell House: 196-98 Laidley St. A house with a mysterious past linked to a controversial triangle: Thomas Bell, Teresa Bell, and Mary Ellen Pleasant, an early Black activist and shrewd businesswoman. John O. Poole, an attorney, first owned the house, then his widow Annie and later Teresa Bell were owners.

HOAs come to $397. Asking is $599,000.