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Stunning Pacific Heights Joseph Esherick House Finally Sells

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Standout 1962 abode finds a buyer, but at a loss

After a $2 million prune to its price tag, the Joseph Esherick-designed black-and-white masterpiece in Pacific Heights went back on the market in June for $9,750,000. And this week, it finally found a buyer.

It sold for $10,000,000—i.e., $250,00 over asking, or $1.75 million loss, depending on how you look at it. (In 2015, 2610 Scott hit the market for $11,750,000.)

Featuring four beds, three and a half baths, 4,656 square feet, and a downright glorious swooping staircase, this 1962 standout was recently renovated in dramatic fashion.

It last sold in 2014 for $11,750,000.