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Inner Mission Brick-Timber Loft, Inside 1886 Factory, Asks Only $625,000

An inexpensive price tag in one of the city’s hippest hoods

Near where the Mission meets Potrero lies the Pacific Felt Company. Built in 1886 and used as a fabric warehouse and factory, this brick building was one of the first to start the live/work loft-conversion trend so popular during the first dot-com boom, back in 1998.

A one bedroom, one bath, two-level loft has opened up for a comparatively scant $625,000. Also diminutive is the square footage—557, to be exact—hence the price.

This pad features timbers & brick walls, hardwood floors, skylight, and washer/dryer. Also of note, the old lettering on the facade and the classic freight elevator inside that still works. Delightful.

HOAs come to $311/month.