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Map: How Every Single Candidate Did in Every Neighborhood

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Treasure Island felt the Bern

Last week, when Curbed SF pointed out a potentially intriguing map of where Donald Trump voters lived in San Francisco, we jokingly mentioned working on a map of Ohio Governor John Kasich voters too. (Kasich came in second in the San Francisco GOP Primary.)

We were only kidding. Little did we know, someone would take us up on it.

That man is Tyler Field, a former aerospace engineer turned data graphics guy. All right, so his comprehensive San Francisco voter map, showing where people cast ballots for every candidate, probably wasn’t really inspired by our one wisecrack. But he did make sure we saw it for that reason.

And since we like to deliver on a promise, here is the Kasich map:

The also-ran governor did best in parts of Pacific Heights and St Francis Wood. (St Francis Wood has been noted as the most politically conservative neighborhood in San Francisco, for whatever that’s worth.)

Note that the map only reflects where support was most concentrated, rather than how much there was. Ted Cruz did best in Lake Shore, for example, but in this case that only means 15 people (out of a district turnout of 99 voters in all) voted for him.

GOP voting habits in a one-party town like San Francisco are mostly trivia, but the results of the Democratic race might actually be relevant to November’s ballots if future candidate Hillary Clinton wants to win over the Bernie or Bust crowd locally.

Overlaying data from both candidates, Bernie voter dominated the west side of the city, taking almost all of the Outer Sunset and Richmond. He also walloped Clinton in most of SOMA and the Mission, Bernal Heights, the Haight and NoPa areas, and the Tenderloin.

Sanders also took the pivotal Treasure Island vote 2-1.

Clinton, on the other and, prevailed in residential neighborhoods clustered around the center of the city, notably Duboce Triangle, the Castro, and the Twin Peaks area, as well as Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, South Beach, Yerba Buena, Pac Heights, and the Marina. She also took Bayview and Hunters Point, albeit in closer contests.

Just for kicks, we looked into precinct 9206, the Marina area that cast the most votes for Trump (61). That same couple of blocks cast 194 ballots for Clinton, 105 for Sanders, 33 for John Kasich, four for Ted Cruz, and, oddly, one for Jim Gilmore, the former Governor of Virginia who dropped out of the race in February, after getting only 145 votes in the first two states.

There were also five write-ins.