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A Smartly Revamped San Rafael Eichler Asks $1.475 Million

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Proof that Eichler renovations can be done well—very well

Photo via of Marin Modern Real Estate
Photo via of Marin Modern Real Estate

San Rafael is a hotbed of Eichler activity as of late. Last week, we had four of midcentury designs with pools. And today we have a recently renovated abode at 23 Cabrillo.

Coming in at four beds, three baths, and 2,411 square feet, this 1961 Eichler has been graced with a bright, lively makeover. According to of Marin Modern Real Estate relator Renee Adelmann, the previous owners renovated the entire home over the past three years.

Photo via of Marin Modern Real Estate

It also features many Eichlerian touches like a vaulted tongue and groove ceiling, gently sloped plank roof, floor to ceiling windows, and a downright spectacular atrium.

Updated kitchen and bathrooms are all part of the renovation, as is the fun-size fireplace in the atrium. The new paint job and porcelain tiles are gorgeous, although they could raise the eyebrow of any diehard purist.

Photo via of Marin Modern Real Estate

A recent addition is the detached "Eichleresque" (i.e., it wasn't created by the famed developer) home-office unit out back, sitting seamlessly in the contemporary landscaping.

This North Bay Eichler last sold in 2013 for only $880,000. (Check out what it used to look like in its former incarnation.) Asking price for 23 Cabrillo is now $1,475,000.