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Mammoth Telegraph Hill Penthouse Asks $7.4 Million

It’s not every day you find a tri-level condo that needs an in-unit elevator

The penthouse at Telegraph Terrace—a swanky, rose stucco-bedecked 1988 building at 175 Francisco, right around the mark where Telegraph Hill rolls down to meet North Beach—clocks in at a massive 5,600 square feet.

So big, in fact, that we can claim that no larger condo has hit the market in the last year. This five bedroom, five and a half bath abode is four stories in its own right (per the norm for Telgraph Hill) and bigger than all but six of even the single-family homes sold in the city in 2016. It comes with an elevator in case the stairs prove too much. The terraces and patios alone add up to 950 feet, bigger than many people’s entire homes.

But size isn’t everything. And this $7.4 million slice of San Francisco hillside also offers the likes of an entry atrium, frosted glass interior walls, lattice doors, lustrous built-ins, and series of rounded arch and ellipse arch windows.

Notice also the compulsive use of French doors—as many as nine sets in a single room—to the point that some exterior walls consist almost entirely of doors, providing immediate egress to patio areas.

The carpet, however, will need to go.

This one has been off the market for 20 years now. When it last sold in 1996, it fetched just over a million dollars, the equivalent of a little over $1.5 million today.