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Video: Herd of Goats Found Near Caldecott Tunnel

While working as part of a fire-abatement program, the flock strayed too far

Over near the Caldecott Tunnel this morning, a herd (or, more specifically, a flock) of goats were found meandering next to traffic. Dozens of them, to be exact. Such rascals.

The goats were used to chew up dead grass, as part of a fire-abatement program. It seems that they wandered a touch too far today. According to NBC Bay Area, the goats were found safe and uninjured except for one little fella.

One goat out of a herd of about 50 was injured in an unknown type of accident along westbound Highway 24 west of the Caldecott Tunnel early Wednesday morning.

California Highway Patrol Officer Sean Wilkenfeld said they were grazing on the hill, most likely as part of an ongoing fire control effort that occurs each year. "One way or another, they got rogue," Wilkenfeld said and made a "great escape" onto the highway about 1 a.m.

The hurt goat will reportedly be just fine.

And according to SFist, "the goats were all still out there munching away as of later this morning."

Check out some choice footage of the goats:

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