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Absolutely Gorgeous Pac Heights Flat Swoops Onto Market at $2.7 Million

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Stunning co-op takes up the entire third floor of tony 1923 beauty

Lauded primarily for his work on the St. Regis Apartments in Lafayette Park, the city's only privately owned building in a public park, and 2006 Washington, hailed as the best building in San Francisco, architect Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer also designed other much-loved early 20th century Pac Heights gems that deserve equal attention. Take, for example, this tall drink of Edwardian at 1800 Gough.

The high-rise's unit #3—aka, the entire third floor—is now on the market. And although many Bay Area ilk decry the current Manhattanization of San Francisco, this is the kind of New York-esque living we adore.

The third floor flat features three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and 3,455 square feet. That's a lot of space. Each level in the seven-floor building is its own residential unit. Glorious.

Other accents that should not be ignored: wood-burning fireplace, formal dining room, library, hardwood floors (don't you dare dream of carpeting), shutters, and classic moldings.

Swoon. That said, this is a co-op. Good luck with your interview(s) and portfolio, prospective buyers.

HOAs are $1,900/month; asking is $2,700,000.