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Bonkers Lake District Edwardian With In-Law Hits Market at $2.4 Million

Oof. This one is a beauty.

Built in 1923 and gloriously renovated, this three-bedroom, three-bath Edwardian condo at 124 Ninth Avenue sits in Lake District, a sliver of a neighborhood sandwiched between the Presidio and Presidio Heights.

Another point of interest is the in-law on the bottom floor. The main condo would have exclusive use of the spacious one-bedroom, one-bath unit on ground level with its own kitchen and living area.

Total size comes to 3,050 square feet. It also features two wood-burning fireplaces, a den, and a backyard that's either adorably rustic or screaming for a Paxton Gate-esuqe makeover.

Asking price is $2,499,000 and HOAs come in at $333.