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Bernie Sanders Spoke at Crissy Field, Used Golden Gate Bridge as Backdrop

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Stunning scenery for Sanders rally

On the eve of the California Primary Election, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders came to San Francisco. After speaking at City College and greeting fans in the city's Mission District, the Vermont senator headed over to Crissy Field to deliver a speech.

Fans of the left-of-center candidate waited all day today to get a glimpse of the White House contender, who spoke in front of our city's most iconic monument, the Golden Gate Bridge, which, oddly enough, is only five years older than Sanders.

Meanwhile, former U.S. President Bill Clinton made a cameo in Oakland to stump for Hillary. (As of Election Day morning, Hillary Clinton is presumed to be the Democratic nominee.)

Anyway, check out some shots of the Sanders rally that happened at Crissy Field.


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The Dave Matthews Band also made an appearance.


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