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Where Is My Polling Place?

Find your polling station for Election Day

Tomorrow, June 7, marks the Presidential Primary Election in California, a chance for the Golden State's voice to be heard insofar as the Democratic presidential nominee is concerned. Whether you're a Bernie bro or "with her," it will be an important election in which to cast your ballot. But where can you vote?

  • San Francisco, you can find your polling place here.
  • Alameda County, find your polling station here.
  • Marin County, find your polling station here.

While many polling stations are found in someone's garage or a church, a few places are inside cool San Francisco structures, whose interiors you might never get to see otherwise—e.g., the lobby of One Rincon Hill or local firehouses.

And if you pooh-pooh all of the presidential potentials (the San Francisco Chronicle elected not to endorse any candidate this year), there are still other important props and measures to consider. For example, Prop B (a charter amendment to extend for 15 years the city's park fund), Prop C (aiming to increase requirements for affordable housing on developments with 25 or more units ), or Measure AA (the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority “Clean and Healthy Bay” Parcel Tax).

Polls will be open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.