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LuXe Pac Heights Penthouse Asking Nearly $5.4 Million

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Top of the world—or Pac Heights, at least

All photos below: Leila Seppa Photography

The top floor of the super ritzy LuXe at 1650 Broadway is up on the market. The price: Almost $5.4 million.

As the 34-unit building’s dishy name suggests, they were going for decadence over quantity with this project, which broke ground in 2014 before finishing last year. The promise was hyper-stimulating degrees of luster while still keeping the look of the whole thing fairly minimalist and streamlined.

(As we observed in 2014, LuXe is even a little bit retro, recalling midcentury Case Study Houses with all of its wood paneling and glass walls.)

Let’s see how they did by taking a gander at the penthouse, a three-bed, two-an-a-half bath affair that runs over 1,900 square feet, not counting the terrace which is itself almost as big as the actual condo. The main room is one enormous open space lining up living room, dining room, and kitchen three in a row, surrounded by glass.

A look at the floor plan shows that the penthouse is actually C-shaped (or U-shaped, if you‘re coming at it from the west), with all three bedrooms lined up on the southern wing, which itself is flanked by and accessible to yet another terrace of intimidating size.

The minimalism is pretty pronounced throughout, with yards of dark woods in the kitchen and main corridor, broken up by occasional indulgences like the tray ceiling in the living room, marbled wall in the kitchen, and copper and gold tile walls in the bathrooms.

They’re asking almost $5.4 million for this one. Since city records have not been updated and still list 1650 Broadway as a vacant lot, we’re not sure how much the previous sale was. But it didn’t go cheap. The lot itself cost the developer $12 million in 2013.

Update: Building reps inform us that the unit has never been offered before. Though we reported that units were finished last August, that apparently didn't go for all of them, and this is the penthouse's maiden voyage.


1650 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA