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San Francisco Rent Comparisons: What $4,850 Rents You In San Francisco

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Five new (pet friendly!) rentals available right now, if the price is right for you

This is Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Since we're tired of cat and dog lovers only ever getting the short end of the leash, today we look exclusively at homes with pro-pet policies. Our price: $4,850/month.

↑ Let's start things off right with a flat in a lovely painted Victorian in the Mission for $4,850/month. You've got to love that dandelion yellow exterior, those floral accents, and scarlet-hued front doors. Inside is a bit more placid, with two bedrooms and 1,400 square feet. We were hoping for something a little more exciting to match the front, but there are little painted touches on the lighting fixture and the bathroom tiles, at least. The address on Guerrero and 24th is just south of the Mission proper and just east of Noe Valley.

↑ The Mission is classic San Francisco, but Mission Bay is the San Francisco of the future, largely in the form of sleek and knowing condos like this two-bed, 1,113-square-foot unit at the Strata building on Fourth Street. That's immediately behind the creek and the Caltrain station, just on the other side of the Lefty O'Doul bridge. It's $4,657/month, and the ad lays it out with bullet pointed amenities and nothing else: game rooms, patios and parks, clubhouse, in-building caterer, valet drycleaning, WiFi, and more. You can even pay your rent via app with your credit card. Handy.

↑ Mission Bay is rising (as are the sea levels, but that's another story...), but South Beach is already nearing its own high watermark in the condo department, and it has a competing offer: two beds and two baths for $4,700, with slightly more space at 1,268 feet. The very humbly named Infinity Sky Residences sits near the water and two blocks from the Bay Bridge. It even boasts a little starchitect pedigree in the form of an Arquitectonica design (along with locals Heller Manus, who are not quite stars but at least rate as molecular clouds). The place comes furnished and the building boasts a catered clubhouse. Fancy.

↑ To heck with trendy condo living! Where can we get a home that looks like a real house? For that you may wander up the winding ways of the West Portal neighborhood as it nears Forest Hill, you will find a positively rustic looking place with wood siding, lanky brick chimney, and expansive deck hanging off the second floor. The backyard even has irregular stone steps climbing up the overgrown hillside. It comes with two beds and two baths for $4,680/month. There's even a garage thrown in with a handsome brick portal.

↑ Seeing as how this week's dollar amount is pretty hefty, you may prefer ZIP code bragging rights care of San Francisco's original prestige neighborhood, Nob Hill. This apartment is the priciest of our offerings on a square foot basis, charging $4,800/month for 880 feet. it comes with two beds, with box beamed ceilings and chandeliers in the bedrooms. Though a singularly unimpressive building from the outside, it's just around the corner from the Cable Car Museum, and (like everywhere else on the hill) a few blocks from Grace Cathedral and the California Street cable car itself.