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Renovated Bayview Victorian With Cottage Guest House Asks $799,000

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Exceedingly charming makeover does wonders with two-car garage

A downright adorable Victorian renovation has landed on the market at 1633 Oakdale, and it is a sight to behold. For many reasons. First, while the exterior, a warm buttery yellow, harkens back to its past, the interiors have been completely overhauled with pleasant (not jarring, as it often the case with recent makeovers) results.

This two bedroom, three bath abode offers 1,430 square feet. The new open-floor concept, common in newfangled renovations, looks sharp here and creates an expansive feel to the cozy home.

The kitchen, bathrooms (is that a bottle of wine in the shower?!), and bedrooms have all been redone. The attic-based master bedroom in particular is all sorts of charming.

However, the highlight of this Bayview starter home has to be the rear two-car garage that has been turned into a cottage guest house.

Giving off a studio vibe, this living space comes with a new kitchen, bathroom, and—gasp—its own fireplace. This cottage must be heaven during a heavy downpour.

1633 Oakdale last sold for $610,000 two months ago, according to Redfin (dropping significantly from its 2015 selling price of $776,000, if numbers are to be believed). It returns to the market asking $799,000.