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Anti-Tech Graffiti Receives Perfect, Heartwarming Response

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Sidewalk talk gets heated

While the the tech industry influx has, in part, helped turn the Mission District into the Marina 2.0—for example, the hip neighborhood’s last remaining lesbian bar, the Lexington, was recently closed and turned into yet another mixology-tinged craft-cocktail lounge—it would be unwise and inaccurate to describe the LGBT community as anti-tech.

However, that’s just what these stenciled tags claim, which have appeared all over the Mission and Castro as of late. "Queers hate techies," it reads. Arguably a false sentiment as the tech industry employs countless LGBTQ ilk. Fortunately, someone added a lovely response. Behold:

This isn’t the first time bizarre anti-tech signage has riddled the area. Over in the Castro, these posters littered the area shortly after the Orlando shootings.

The sidewalks of San Francisco have proven a popular guerrilla-style canvas for various screaming-into-a-bag-of-sand ideologies, philosophies, and Justin Bieber album efforts.