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How Has Oakland Changed?

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Do you live in Oakland, or have you in the past? Sound off

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we ask you to speak up about topics of interest, eviction, gentrification, ultra-chic housing, renovation, and more. Have something you want brought to the table? Let us know.

Today we turn across the Bay to Oakland, which is on a wild ride lately. Priced-out San Franciscans began moving east long ago, but techies and other relatively moneyed folks have migrated in droves in the past few years, driving up prices, driving out longtime residents, and of course bringing Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Uber with them.

Rents in Oakland jumped 34 percent between 2010 and 2014, and 14 percent in just the last year; the median for a one-bedroom is now an unbelievable $2,300 a month.

Such a dramatic change in housing prices has translated to a dramatic change in demographics. As more wealthy, white, college-educated residents move in, the city is losing the African-American community that has been so essential to making Oakland what it is today is—25 percent of black Oaklanders left the city during the aughts.

As the city's makeup shifts, the city evolves with it: Lake Merritt is more beautiful and accessible than ever, once neglected areas like Temescal have become thriving hipster districts, and a building boom lurks on the horizon.

If you live in Oakland, or have in the past, hit the open thread below and tell us about your view of the city and what you've seen and experienced living there over the years. How different does your block look these days? What's your favorite place that's disappeared? How much has your rent gone up? Photos, stories, praise, and complaints about both the good old days and the good new days are encouraged. See you in the comments and please play nice.