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This 2050 Bay Area BART Metro Map Is Everything

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If only

As you ride an overflowing 38 Geary home today—knowing full well that a metro rail could and should instead whisk you home with comparative ease—think back to this proposed 2050 BART Metro Map. For this map reveals the kind of world we want to leave our children—one where every current public transit proposal around the Bay Area comes to fruition in perfect execution and unbridled glory.

This map is a thing of beauty.

Adam Susaneck created this soul-touching map, which he explains thusly:

The BART Metro Map consolidates the Bay Area’s existing transit — currently spread over two dozen different transit agencies — and aggregates proposed, planned, and under-construction projects. The map envisions a “best-case scenario,” in which every proposal currently under consideration around the Bay has been funded and constructed (wishful thinking, of course). As we trudge down Geary on the 38, jam ourselves into rush hour BART, or as CalTrain experiences yet another delay, this map imagines an integrated, reliable, and truly regional transit future.

Susaneck also gets blissfully granular with the hypothetical lines, routes, and systems, all of which the ever-growing Bay Area could really use. Most interestingly, he notes that the Second Transbay Tube (3rd Street/west side alignment) is the most important piece of infrastructure needed.

“The oft-discussed second transbay tube would alleviate congestion in the existing tube, provide a critical redundancy for the Bay’s sole rail crossing, as well as allow for 24-hour BART service,” says Susaneck. “In addition, the proposed alignment would provide service to areas of the city currently without rail transit, including Geary Street, which today is serviced by the most ridden bus line west of the Mississippi, the 38.”

He also gets into the EBOT Streetcar (which would run through Emeryville to Berkeley and Oakland), the BART San Jose Extension plan, and more. Pure poetry.

Check out the 2050 the BART Metro Map in its entirety, which also covers the East Bay and Peninsula.

And as for 24-hour service and/or BART that goes under the Golden Gate to North Bay? Best not to dream such dreams. Hope like that will only crush you.