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Freshly Minted Noe Valley Home Asks $4.37 Million

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A tall, green addition to a storied block

How green is your Noe Valley?

This four bed, three bath spec home on Duncan Street (off Sanchez, between 27th and 28th) drives the eco-friendly angle hard, with solar panels, gray water system, and a 6,000-gallon rain harvest system. Although, the only literal green you’ll find on the $4.37 million property at 437 Duncan is a manicured patch in the backyard, tailored to suitably dainty, drought-friendly proportions.

The house, designed by IwamotoScott Architecture, was a bone of contention in the neighborhood for a while. The lot was originally home to a smaller, circa 1900 house that fell on hard times and was demolished, after selling in 2011 for a mere $560,000.

When the new owner proposed a taller, contemporary home for the lot, some neighbors balked, saying that the size and design didn’t jive with the rest of the street. The house as it stands today, completed just weeks ago, looks mostly like its original proposal, including the trademark protruding living room on the façade.

The controversial roof deck is there, although the Planning Commission pushed it back a few feet so that it’s less noticeable from the street. It seems they also went with a slick bronze finish, rather than the original Navy blue look.

The interior is all flowing open spaces, multiple tiers, expansive windows, and vertical lines. The angular protrusion on the main level is the living room, and the design angles the views northeast, toward the Mission and the city skyline beyond.

The central staircase’s initial glass banister gives way to a coiling rampart as it rises up through the house.