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Check Out This 53.1 Billion Pixel Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s also a car advertisement, should you care

Car ads don’t normally interest us, but we’re making an exception for the Bentley ad above.

You probably didn’t realize that there was a car in that Golden Gate Bridge photo at all, since from this perspective it looks more like a potato chip crumb on your screen. To see the actual vehicle being advertised, you’ll have to zoom in many millions of times, which you can do over on the Bentley site. But we’re more interested in the photo than the car.

Supposedly, the featured photo (actually 700 individual photos assimilated into a gigantic uber image) is over 53 billion pixels in all. For perspective, the screenshot we’ve uploaded at the top is less than 670,000 pixels. At actual size, it would be about as big as a football field.

The British car manufacturer claims that it’s employing the same NASA-grade technology that takes panorama photos of alien worlds aboard devices like the Curiosity rover on Mars.

Zooming in as far as you can reveals the individual stitches on the Bentley logo on the car’s passenger seat. We wish it was possible to zoom in on anything else, but maybe it’s for the best; for all you know, photographer Simon Stock accidentally shot you in the middle of eating a burrito in the Marina that day.

We don’t know what it will do for their car sales, but we’re perfectly happy if Bentley wants to continue employing space-age tech to make the city look like a million (or 53 billion?) bucks. Come back anytime, folks.