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And Now, a Map of Donald Trump Voters In San Francisco

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The GOP candidate proved comparatively popular in Twin Peaks, the Marina, St. Francis Wood, and a small part of the Outer Sunset

Who votes for Donald Trump in San Francisco? Evidently, the gobsmackingly rich.

Initially, it looked as if just over 7,000 San Franciscans cast a ballot for the former reality show host on June 7. Now that the vote count is closer to the final tally, we see that the total is actually over 9,000, less than one percent of the city’s voting age population.

The San Francisco Examiner even had someone compile a map of Trump voters by district. Trump proved most popular in Twin Peaks, the Marina, St. Francis Wood, and the very southernmost slice of the Outer Sunset.

Less enthusiastic in their support but still notable were parts of Pacific Heights and Cow Hollow, Sea Cliff, the Embarcadero, the Financial District, and perhaps most surprisingly, tiny precinct 7041, at the northernmost tip of Visitacion Valley, just south of Mansell Street.

We hesitate to paint anyone with too broad of a brush, but you may notice a pattern to those neighborhoods: They’re intimidatingly expensive to live in, and are home to some of the city’s most overpoweringly wealthy people.

(Except maybe Mansell Street, which is presumably being tipped by its small sample size. The whole district is only about two blocks.)

Note that the average San Francisco house now costs more than the entire Trump campaign has in the bank. The real estate holdings of a single Marina homeowner could double the candidate’s fundraising to date.

Only about seven percent of people who showed up on election day cast a vote in the Republican primary, 55 percent of those for Trump. Another 25 percent (a little over 4,000 people) voted for Ohio Governor John Kasich, despite the fact that he’d dropped out of the race. Over 1,000 people cast write-in votes, presumably for other candidates no longer running.

We’re still working on getting you that all-important Kasich voting map.