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Inner Richmond Victorian Renovation Will Polarize, Asks $2.49 Million

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1904 stunner gets dramatic, bright makeover

Say what you will about the saturation of antiseptic renovations, sometimes it’s just what is needed to remedy an unfortunate salmon-hued facade. This Inner Richmond Victorian’s makeover is sure to divide those who champion full-blown renovations and those who err on the side of meticulous restoration.

This four bedroom, three and a half bath home at 1120 Anza features 2,825 square feet on three floors. The entire space has been redone in unabashedly contemporary style—open floor plan and all—from the spruced up attic to the ultra-modern kitchen and bathrooms. It also comes with a fireplace, skylights, and a pristinely manicured backyard.

It last sold in 2014 for $1,010,000. After a brazen flip, it now lands on the market at $2,495,000.