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Lumina Condo Flips After Less Than a Year, Asks $3.4 Million

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Scope out your bridge commute from the comfort of your living room

This two bed, two bath, 1,400 foot Lumina condo isn’t quite new enough anymore for the original polish to be on all the floors, but it’s pretty close.

Sold for the very first time in March of last year, right around the time the bifurcated, 655-unit South Beach high-rise equidistant from the Bay Bridge and the future Salesforce Tower was finally wrapping up construction, it’s now right back on the market for almost $3.4 million.

That’s about $900,000 more than it previously sold for in 2015. Bidding will presumably push it up to a full million dollars worth of appreciation before all is said and done, suggesting that first-time buyers know an opportunity when they see it. Tenants didn’t move into the completed Lumina until August of last year, so this one has, at most, 10 months of wear on it.

As for the condo itself, it’s seven-figure South Beach style all the way, with neutral colors, slick surfaces, gigantic windows, and expensive sounding materials like Caesarstone quartz and "European tile" (country of origin unclear).

Probably the most interesting element is the way the obloid tower’s curves shape the primary living area into an almost quarter circle that spreads out the views of the Bay Bridge below.

338 Main St, #23C [Theo]