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Post-Remodel Palo Alto Eichler Asks $1.95 Million

Huge yard and contemporary polish sweetens the deal with this midcentury gem

Do you like Eich? This three bedroom, one bath, 1,374-square-foot Palo Alto home built in 1950 hopes you do, and enough to pay out $1.95 million for it.

The house at 4183 Park Boulevard is among the 11,000 homes Joseph Eichler developed in California, with the low-slung, single story design, vertical lines, gently sloped plank roof, exposed beams, and glass-heavy facade that appealed so much to Eichler’s Midcentury sensibilities.

On the outside, it’s pure Eichler, but the interior went through a quarter million dollar remodel last year, which included wood-like vinyl flooring, new cabinets and bathrooms, and an overhauled backyard replete with fruit trees.

Did they preserve the magic, or would it have been better to leave well enough alone? We’ll see what buyers think. Palo Alto Eichlers were going for $2 million-$2.6 million last year; the last time this one sold was in 1999, for $380,000 ($575,000 today). The house sits on a 9,000 square foot lot, and Palo Alto has some of the priciest dirt in California.