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Under $700K Club: Portola Fixer-Upper Asks $688,000

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Coming in under the wire is this detached, single-family home dying for a makeover

Time again for the Under $700K Club, the inflation-adjusted version of our old Under $500K club. Here we showcase the few and the proud San Francisco homes that, even in this this time of seven-figure median home prices, have the courage to sell at a mere $700,000 or less (or at least open that low).

Today's offering is in Portola at 742 Girard. It comes with an impressive amount of space, too: three bedrooms, two baths, and 1,540 square feet.

And dig that spiral staircase!

While the home has been recently painted and re-carpeted (!), it could use a keen set of eyes to look at its inner beauty and see what it could become. Which is to say, it's crying out for a sharp renovation.

This Portola home hits the market for the first time in 44 years. Asking starts at $688,000.