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Stellar Sunset District Rousseau Asks $1.29 Million

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Confection by late developer is up for grabs

Between 33rd and 36th avenues in the Sunset District, from Kirkham to Lawton streets, stands a candy dish of homes designed by Oliver Rousseau. You can spot a Rousseau by the signature turrets, balconies, and painted beam vaulted ceilings.

The late developer Oliver Rousseau (1891-1977) built these onetime humble homes for the working middle class people of San Francisco in the 1930s—a population that, at time, was being priced out of tonier neighborhoods like Forest Hill and St. Francis Wood. And while absolutely no middle-class worker could afford to buy a home in the Sunset these days, his modest homes are not going for a not-so-modest price.

This charming Rousseau at 1587 34th Avenue, for example, is asking $1,299,000.

Featuring three bedroom, two baths, and 2,373 square feet, the Spanish Mediterranean stunner comes with two wood-burning fireplaces and a deliriously whimsical center patio, which also provides natural light to the entire interior. It is, in a word, glorious. One good reason to move to the Sunset, at the very least.