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Curbed Comparisons: What $2,700 Rents You in San Francisco

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Sunset lofts, studios in the Haight, and Bayview style—which one do you prefer?

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out.Today's price: $2,700.

↑ This junior one-bedroom apartment at the Waterbend Apartments (the water they're referring to is South Basin, which is odd, since the nearby finger doesn't bend at all) looks an awful lot like any number of SOMA or South Beach homes, complete with slate floors and subway tile. But no, this is good old Bayview, not far from Candlestick and Hunters Point. The new building is not quite open yet, but pre-leases are available for $2,700/month. Not only are pets allowed, but the amenities even include a pet wash. Nice.

↑ If you have no interest in 2016 buildings, here's one from 1925, right in the middle of the Haight at Waller and Clayton streets. It's advertised as a "two-room studio," but the technical term for that would be "not actually a studio." Regardless of whether or not they want to sell themselves short, it's $2,595/month on the top floor, with French doors closing off the anomalous second room and a bit of antique charm throughout. Cats are allowed, possibly because it should be illegal to bar a cat from a charming 90-year-old Haight Ashbury apartment.

↑ No extra rooms are lurking in this studio in the Marina for $2,695/month, just the usual natural light, hardwood fliirs, and cream colored walls, with a little tile and granite thrown in to spruce it up around the edges. It's the top floor of a pleasingly old fashioned 1927 building at 1355 Broderick Street. Apparently the ad hasn't been updated in a while either, because it advertises the apartment's proximity to Leap routes. (Someone should break the news to them gently.) The fact that it's right by the Presidio is presumably a bigger draw. No pets.

↑ If studios cramp your style, a genuine one-bedroom is up for grabs in the Mission for $2,700/month, near Guerrero and Duboce. Other than heaps of dark wood accents (which is admittedly rather handsome), this one is mostly leaning on the location for its appeal, the Clinton Park address being strategically located within shouting distance of the Mission, the Castro, Upper Market, and Duboce Triangle. Heck, even Hayes Valley isn't that far away, if you're a social climber. No pets here, either.

↑ Finally, we have a loft for $2,600/month out in the Outer Sunset, a neighborhood where lofts usually only end up if they get lost and can't find their way back to an eastern neighborhood. It's only 450 feet, and the building's facade is a nondescript gray box, but something about the decidedly un-Sunset-like interior is just eccentric enough to be interesting. Maybe it's the monstrously huge fireplace in the upstairs bedroom? Being a block from both Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach has its charms too. Yet another pet ban is our third strike in a row today.