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Riffled and Striped Building Wants to Rise in Mission

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Seven stories and a tooty-fruity color scheme.

There are more plans for new and ever-taller housing developments in the Mission District, even as backers and critics continue to kick other notable projects back and forth between various city organs.

Today, the Planning Commission will hear the case of 2445 16th Street, a seven-story mixed-use building with 53 units upstairs and 5,000 feet of on the ground floor, not to mention a curiously striped facade that resembles nothing more than a giant game of Frogger.

The site at the corner of 16th and Bryant, right across the street from Franklin Square and only a short dash from the Rowan building soon to open on Potrero Avenue, is presently a circa 1924 auto shop with two businesses. The old place would of course have to be blown away to make room for a D-Scheme Studios building with an L-shaped plan on the almost perfectly square lot.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the building’s riffled surface, seemingly arbitrary window placement, and tooty-fruity color scheme of broken vertical stripes, but at least it’s not another set of giant glass boxes.

Potentially the most intriguing element is the art wall which, in concept imagery, features what looks like a Zio Ziegler mural. No one at D-Scheme was available to confirm whether or not this piece will be part of the actual building.

The structure's top six floors would be split between 27 one-bedroom units and 26 two bedrooms (nine of them affordable housing), and the entire thing would clock in at nearly 55,000 feet. D-Scheme work out of a SOMA office not particularly far from this Mission site. The project is being developed through by an anonymous LLC.

The Mission Economic Development Agency, a neighborhood non-profit housing developer, wants the project either altered or quashed. The group insists that, among other complaints, nine affordable units is just not enough given how hard the housing crisis has affected Mission residents.

According to Zillow, the price of a Mission condo has almost doubled in the last five years to $1.12 million. Paragon estimates the median price as $1.14 million.