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Here’s the New Most Expensive Home in San Francisco

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Sporting a Tiffany glass skylight and 16,000 square feet, this bonkers Pac Heights Italianate villa takes the top spot

As reported yesterday, 2250 Vallejo in Pacific Heights took a hit this week, sending the former priciest San Francisco champ down to second place. Besetting the remodeled Beaux Arts mansion was none other than 2820 Scott, now the most single expensive home on the market in San Francisco.

Why so expensive? Just look at it. It is gorgeous. Not to mention big. Very big. The seven-bed, nine and a half-bath (!) mansion comes in at approximately 16,000 square feet, putting other 8,000-square-foot-plus mansions to shame.

The mezzanine ceiling also features a glorious Tiffany glass skylight, while the coffered ceilings in the dining room are something to behold. And the facade of this Italianate villa is pretty jaw-dropping. Additional highlights include views of pretty much everything, seven fireplaces, reception hall, au-pair quarters, gym, five marble terraces, six cast bronze balconies, an elevator, and more.

The entire place is a standout—so much so that in 2008 is played host to the San Francisco Decorators Showcase.

2820 Scott has been on the market since 2013 when it listed for $24,800,00. It’s now asking for a whopping $28,500,000.

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