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Westwood Park Bungalow Home Asks $1.19 Million

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1918 home lands on market for first time in 40 years

While Curbed SF features many homes built in a bygone era, it’s nice to see the occasional shot of some of these houses from back in the day. Take, for example, this black and white shot snapped outside this 1918 Westwood Park bungalow, which is currently on the market.

Got to love the way kids were forced to dress back then, newsboy caps and all.

Anyway, 682 Miramar is a bungalow-style home featuring four bedrooms and one a half baths (yikes!), and 1,702 square feet. The living room comes with a wood-burning fireplace, hardwood oak floors, and built-in shelving. Views of the Pacific can be seen from the upstairs bedroom.

Overall, a lovely home in a tony area. Speaking of which, you will have to pay $85 annual HOA fees to the Westwood Park Association.

Asking price is $1,195,000.