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Peek Inside Potrero Hill's Newest Condo Complex Rowan

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70 sleek new homes on track for October

For over a year now we have watched the zigzagged facade of the new building at 338 Potrero Avenue come together. And while it won’t be finished until a projected October completion date, new renderings give us some idea of what the future holds.

The 70-home, seven-story, 70,000-square-foot structure sits right between Franklin Square and the 101 Freeway, something of a bulwark between the Mission and the far eastern neighborhoods. Dubbed Rowan, residences will open in October, which will include approximately 2,000 feet of retail space on the bottom floor.

The signature crisscross exoskeleton is made of concrete and was cast on the building site. Handel Architects says that it provides structural integrity from the outside and allows for more open space on the interior, a "largely column free" design. (Handel previously used this to dramatic effect in New York.)

The layered mesh of frames, windows, balconies, and the apartments inside is meant to play on Potrero Hill’s industrial aesthetic—a big change from its original (not to mention achingly boring) 2014 design.

Inside is a story all its own, with 68 one- and two-bedroom homes (11 of them affordable housing, or 15 percent of the on-site stock), plus a pair of three-bedroom residences. Only a few concepts are available, but they give us some idea of what’s shaping up behind that meandering exterior.