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Glen Park Renovation Reaches Peak Open-Floor Plan, Asks $4.42M

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Major flip asks for major dollors

Were the current housing market and interior renovation trend wrapped up into one house, Glen Park’s 22 Harper might be it.

This circa 1900/1909 Victorian has had its insides stripped down and rebuilt in the manner to which we’re accustomed to seeing these days: bright white interiors and open-floor plan. Any hint of its Victorian-era past can only be gleaned from the newly updated facade, which has gone from multi-colored to monochromatic.

A few wood barn doors mildly offset the white interiors. Marble tile fills the bathrooms. The backyard is pristinely manicured with concrete, grass, and wood. This has been a major flip, especially when you consider what it used to look like over a year ago.

This Glen Park home comes with six bedrooms, five baths, and $3,880 square feet. It’s nothing new, insofar as decor goes, but it’s definitely ultra-luxe. It last sold in April 2015 for $1.8 million.

Asking price is now a cool $4,425,000.