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Berkeley Condo With Massive Glass Wall Stuns to the Tune of $795,000

No stones, please

If you design enough glass-centric midcentury homes, sooner or later you may start regarding walls as mere middlemen in service of windows and end up with something like this three-bed, one-bath condo in a two-unit building at 2724 Garber Street, a few blocks from UC Berkeley.

Despite appearances, this house, which went on the block Friday for $795,000, dates to 1911. What you see is the product of a 1945 remodel (somebody must have collected on an awful lot of war bonds), whose Fortress of Solitude-like reliance on transparency makes the interior glow when the sun is at the proper angle.

Inside, you’ll find a dramatically broad and open floor plan, with very little break in the condo’s 1,000 square feet, at least on the first floor. In truth, it’s as close as possible to being what many have alleged is the ultimate goal of modern architecture: a big glass box.

While this Berkeley home isn't everyone‘s cup of chamomile, whether due to vintage appearance or its lush flora surroundings, it suggests a degree of integrity that often escapes similar cubes. This unit has been off the market since 2006, when it sold for $625,000, which means that, taking inflation into account, this opening price is just about a seven-percent hike.