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Beautiful Brick Visitacion Valley Eichler Asks $689,000

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One of 150 identical Visitacion Valley Eichlers

This is the Under $700K Club, where we call attention to those brave few San Francisco homes that still list for less than $700,000, even in an age when homes the size of crawlspaces and large refrigerator boxes occasionally exceed that price point. But today's offer is not only bigger, but also developed by Joseph Eichler.

This four bed, two and a half bath, 1,700-foot home in Visitacion Valley hits the market at $689,000. It’s one of Eichler’s 11,000 iconic California buildings, but it’s also a peculiar branch of the Eichler family—a two-story red brick affair in a circa 1963 complex of 150 similar homes.

These russet row houses on Garrison Avenue don’t come on the market too often. Realtor Erin Thompson says she’s only seen six sales in this neighborhood in the past eight years. This particular unit last sold in 2004 for $389,000 (or around $492,000 with inflation), and it’s been ten years since Curbed SF featured any of these Geneva Terrace homes.

Although a shocking departure from the usual Eichler style, 112 Garrison is a wild and beautiful beast in its own right, with its humble brick face, respectable arched windows with Juliet balconies, and curling wrought iron gates over the portals.

The second floor showcases Eichler's signature exposed beam and plank ceiling, and downstairs boasts a living room located in the rear, with twin sliding doors that open to the backyard.

So why is it in the Under $700K club? Well, Visitacion Valley is still one of San Francisco's most affordable neighborhoods, being not-so conveniently located on the city’s south side and even well west of most of the major development projects in that realm.

The median sale price in the area is approximately $724,000. Garrison Avenue is a small street that stretches for four blocks, right next to Velasco Park and a few blocks from the Cow Palace.

In the end, this is a bargain for an Eichler home in San Francisco.