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How Much Has Your SF Rent Gone Up Since You Moved In?

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As SF continues to shock and awe, we want to know how much your rent has increased

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we ask you to speak up about topics of interest, eviction, gentrification, ultra-chic housing, renovation, and more. Have something you want brought to the table? Let us know.

While a report this week claimed that rent in San Francisco has plateaued/ever-so-slightly, we’re still home to some of the most horrific rent prices in the country. A mere 22.2 percent of San Francisco Trulia April listings, for example, were deemed affordable (i.e., 30 percent of one’s take home pay) on a median household income.

That being said, rent control has helped many residents stay afloat and in San Francisco. But even those of us with proverbial golden handcuffs do face the occasional rent increase (the annual allowable increase under rent control until February 2017 is 1.6 %) or, far worse, owner move-in eviction.

So here’s what we want to know: Where do you live, and how much has your rent gone up since you moved into your pad? (If you are blessed enough to own, feel free to reveal a choice rental-increase story.) Be sure to tell us how much you were paying when you first moved in, too.

Also, when it comes to rent increases, what is your ceiling? What’s the dollar limit before you pack it up and move out of the 415 for good?