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Bronze Disc Denoting Geographic Center of San Francisco Stolen

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It lasted just one day

San Francisco’s Department of Public Works recently installed a small brass disc marker on a sidewalk on the 700 block of Corbett Avenue, denoting the geographic center of San Francisco's 7x7 miles. Or at least an approximation of the center.

Here’s an image of said marker:

Should you want to visit the area, here is the location on a map:

Also of note, it’s not the exact center of San Francisco. As SFGate reports, "It wasn’t technically the center of town — that spot is under a bush on a nearby hillside — but it was close, and it was publicly accessible." But still, very close.

Sadly, as SFist brings to our attention, someone stole the little marker a day after it was adhered to the sidewalk. Behold:

The center could not hold. #breaking

A photo posted by @peternocturnal on

Public Works plans on replacing it soon with someone more secure, possibly something larger like a plaque. And there you have it.