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Gigantic 16th and Mission Project Goes Before Planning Commission

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“Monster on Mission” would create a new look and feel to the area, but it would also result in the closure of several nearby retail stores

As the Beast on Bryant battle goes on, it might have to take a backseat to the towering proposal at 16th and Mission, dubbed by critics as the "Monster on the Mission."

The Planning Commission met on Thursday for the first public hearing (this one about the 937 page environmental impact report) on what would be a 10-story, 331-unit, 388,912-square-foot mixed use building right in the heart of the Mission, more than two years after it was first proposed.

The stakes for the 1979 Mission site are arguably even higher than on Bryant thanks to its centerpiece locale. The building would absorb all of the area around the 16th Street BART station plaza, towering over the block.

The proposal is technically three related buildings, running between 40 and 100 feet in height.

The familiar Walgreens, Burger King, City Club bar, Mission Hunan eatery, and the Hwa Lei Market around the BART station would all be demolished. Such a radical transformation of key blocks in the neighborhood is dizzying to consider.

Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill designed the buildings, with their puzzle box-like glass facades. And developer Maximum Real Estate (based in the Mission) says the new buildings will improve the plaza and increase its space.

It would devote 35,000 square feet of the area to retail, putting "stores where there are presently blank walls."