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Hillside Montclair House Defies Gravity For $1.2 Million

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The peak of class

A double take is the only appropriate reaction for some houses, like this topography defying four-bed, three-bath, five-layered custom house asking $1,295,000 million in Oakland’s Montclair neighborhood.

It’s one thing to say you have a house in the hills, but in this case the house very nearly is the hill itself, spreading its 3,896 square feet across the slope in a way that really doesn’t look like it should be at all stable. The whole affair has been around in its present form since 2002. Marvelous.

The sprawling layout is accentuated by the tiered front steps (redesigned in 2014), which have almost as big of a footprint as the house itself. The video tour on the selling agent’s site isn’t even properly a tour, just a long, loving glamour shot of the Mediterranean exterior and surrounding hillside for a minute and 20 seconds. And who can blame them?

The interior (assuming you ever actually get inside) is divided into five levels: the lowest point being an entryway and in-law unit, the highest being a studio space, and the bulk of the house settling right in the middle, in the large-scale third tier.

The roof deck is attached to level four, but even that’s not yet the highest pinnacle of the house. Note that the robust spread of solar panels on the roof are owned rather than leased. Supposedly, the electricity bill is a competitive zero dollars every month.

6883 Sobrante Road last sold for a galling $65,000 in 2000 ($90,000 after inflation), but that was before a 2002 remodel.

The cheapest Montclair home on sale right now starts at $849,000.