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Twin Dogpatch Apartments Scale Back

112 units proposed for site of warehouse facing Esprit Park

It’s been nearly six months since we checked in on 888 Tennessee Street, a proposed 112 unit apartment block facing Esprit Park and designed by David Baker Architects.

The project consists of two conjoined buildings (using the dark-and-light pair design so popular these days) with an alley and plazas running between them, in place of what’s presently a Dogpatch warehouse from 1953. Mill Valley/Englewood, New Jersey-based S. Hekemian Group bought the site in 2012 to the tune of $6 million.

The plan calls for a four-story structure with 3,000 feet of retail on the bottom. Since last year, DBA has responded to neighborhood criticism by scaling back the design’s facade, knocking as much as two and a half feet off of the top in some parts, reducing things like awnings and doing away with a few protrustions, all to give the buildings a less hulking frame.

888 Tennessee is presently deep in the weeds with its entitlements and has no definite timeline set yet, so keep in mind that the design could and very probably will change more before it's said and done.